Uniform Guidelines

Uniform Guidelines are as follows.

Impression : Co B 36th Illinois Infantry

Headgear: Hardee hat in at least ok shape. We ask that you at least wear a horn although we encourage a fully dressed Hardee no numbers. A pretty new square brimmed forage cap is a distant 2nd choice (please leave these unadorned) no kepis

Uniform Coat:
The 36th received Fatigue Blouses as their initial uniform item.  Several weeks later they received “State Jackets”.  Both are allowed for use.  NO ENLISTED FROCK COATS  ALLOWED

Dark or Light Blue US pattern Great Coat

Federal Domet flannel
Wool flannel

The Regiment received both dark and light blue trousers.

Brogans are first choice, Boots are also fine

Period correct drawers and socks

Regulation Painted

1858 Smoothside. Bullseye canteens grudgingly allowed because we like you to drink water

1855 double bag first choice. 1823 pack allowed, Blanket roll last resort. no militia packs

Tentange: NO SHELTER HALVES they did not yet exist. The army will give you a tent when it feels like it soldier!

Federal issue of correct materials and construction. The 36th received issue blankets in double length for their initial issue. So feel free to purchase a double length blanket of you can find one.

Gum Blankets:
Several letters from the regiment report receiving a gum blanket for every other man. So buddy up with a friend and decide who is bringing the gum blanket.

1857/61 pattern boxes are preferred.

2 rivet Scabbard, 7 and 8 rivet not allowed.

1855 Cap Pouch preferred.

Puppy Paw belt with sewn keeper preferred. NO BRASS BELT KEEPERS.

CARTRIDGE BOX BELTS. At the time of the initial equipment issue the St. Louis Arsenal had received permission to omit Cartridge Box Belts. No ID’d photo of the early war 36th shows cartridge box belts. Please leave your Cartridge Box Belts at home.
1855 rifleman’s rig is allowed

Co. B was armed with 1841 rifles (likely the Snell version) and Co. A Armed with p1853 Enfield Rifle Musket). The remainder of the Regiment was armed with altered 1816’s. So we are allowing some stand in weapons.

1st Choice is the 1841 Mississippi rifle with a Sabre Bayonet.

3rd Choice 2 band 1855 US rifle with Sabre Bayonet

4th Choice: 1816,1822, or 1842 US Muskets and .69-72 cal import muskets.

5th Choice: 3 band Springfield or Enfield rifle muskets it