The 36th Illinois is proud to announce that we will be hosting an immersion event May 17-19 2019 at Independence Pioneer Village in Oakland Illinois. In 1861 a force of Federal troops left Rolla Missouri on a daring expedition into Texas County as a show of force and to quell confederate Sympathies. This expedition faced the task of foraging for supplies, a hostile population and the hardships of campaign for the first time. Join us May 17th-19th 2019 for an immersion event set in this turbulent time.  Expect to forage for food, deal with civilians of mixed loyalties, get a taste of what 1861 Missouri was like and MANY MANY More surprises! First person interactions will be encouraged. There will be public visiting hours during the day which will provide a unique interpretive experience. This will be a primarily Federal event. Civilian and CS impressions will be by invitation only due to the limited amount of roles available. Please join the group page below.…?fref=mentions